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Plan Services

We work with retirement plan committees to enhance existing plan structure, deliver educational services to employees, create custom investment policy statements, and optimize investment lineups.

We provide companies with with fiduciary services as a 3(21) or 3(38) plan advisor

Retirement Plan Consulting

In this market, benefit packages should be used to attract and retain top talent for your organization. With over a combined 20 years of experience working on some of the most complex institutional retirement plans in the industry, ForePoint Retirement has the breadth of knowledge to help your organization’s retirement plan become more than just a 401k/4030b/457 plan for employees.

Our team takes the time to meet with your plan committee to understand the goals for your organization and is then able to help you articulate these goals through proper plan management. This is typically accomplished by thoughtful plan design that will take advantage of some of the best features the retirement plan market offers. We have found one goal across all our clients to be consistent – to help employees retire on time with enough resources to carry them through retirement. Our clients would agree that it is the right mix of education for employees, and having the right plan will help this effort materialize.

What makes us different from most of our competitors is that we have the ability to reduce your plan liability. As Fiduciary advisors, in a 3(38) capacity, we will take on the responsibility and liability of selecting and monitoring your investments for you. We like to meet with our committees in person or virtually once per quarter to talk about the investment lineup and how it is performing relative to your goals.

Of course, this type of arrangement is not for everyone, and we understand that—some plan committees like us to perform due diligence and come forward with recommendations. The committee may or may not implement these recommendations, and that is their right. We refer to this arrangement as a 3(21).

Finally, some but very few committees want complete discretion in selecting their investments. Meaning they perform due diligence, implementation, and monitoring. While we don’t recommend this for multiple reasons, it is always an option.

We will help educate you on the many items within the investment realm and then help your committee create and implement an investment policy statement. This document is the spinal cord for your plan’s investment matrix.

When it comes to retirement plans, leave the heavy lifting to us. We will become nothing more than an added resource/extension to your organization’s HR Department.

Diligent Investing

Our Plan Services process focuses on conducting ongoing due diligence to help your company enhance your fiduciary protection, create saving opportunities for employees, and design your plan using best practices. We focus on three key areas:

Provider Selection Process

Our process helps ensure you can increase employee investment savings opportunities and properly handle fiduciary liability concerns. Investment analysis is the foundation of our Plan Services.

Step 1

Initial discussion with the retirement plan committee to determine the current state of affairs. Preliminary information gathered and course of action defined.

Step 2

Conduct market analysis and, if applicable, create RFP for distribution.

Step 3

Review the RFP with the committee to determine if the level of services being requested is appropriate. 

Step 4

Review RFP responses and create workflow to share with the committee. Selection of finalist presenters.

Step 5

Conduct finalist presentations with the committee and ultimately award the bid. Discuss any fee negotiation. Work with recordkeeper and committee to set expectations around any potential conversion.

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